Sharks and Minnows –Set the net off the court.  Have one child

chosen to be a “Shark” to stand in the middle of the court.  All of the

other “Minnows” will stand on one baseline.  When you say “Escape”,

the Minnows will try to hurry to the other baseline without being tagged

by the Shark.  Once tagged, that Minnow now the other Shark for the

next “Escape”.  Once all the Minnows are caught, you can begin again or

move on to another activity.

Ear Muffs –4 or 5 players stand at the non-volley line and another 4 or

5 players stand behind them.  The instructor stands in the middle of the

front row with a hopper of balls.  Each player and the instructor in the

front line gets two balls.  Place the balls on your ears like you have ear

muffs on.  When each player gets their ear muffs on, say “Ear Muffs on –

Ear Muffs Fire!”  Every player in line throws both balls with an overhand

motion over the net, and then the next team steps up to put their ear

muffs on.

Ice Cream Cone Catches – All players line up with the net at their backs and facing the instructor with a cone in their dominant hand.  Stand in front of the players with a basket of balls.  The instructor calls out the name of the player while bouncing a ball to the player.  Say “Bounce – Catch” as the player extends the cone and catches the ball on the rise.  Each player down the line catches a ball in his cone then tosses the ball back into the ball hopper with an overhand or underhand motion.

Learn the Lines –Players will all line up on the baseline.  The instructor stands on each line and says the name of the line.  Players repeat the name of the line.  The instructor then names a line and all the children run to a line that is named by the instructor. The last person to stand on the line is out of the game.  The instructor quickly says another line.  Again, the last person to stand on the line is out.  When there is only one person left, he is only “The Winner” if he can then go stand on each line that the instructor names, as a final test.

Toss – Catch – Throw –Players form a single line behind the baseline and the centerline. The instructor stands on the same side of the net near mid-court with a hopper of balls. The first player in line shuffle steps to the right of the centerline as you bounce a ball for the player to catch.  The player throws the ball over the net with an overhand throw, then shuffle steps to the left of the centerline as you bounce another ball for the player to catch and throw.  He then goes to the back of the line and the next player steps up.