The facilitator will send out an announcement to all the players at the facility or on the club roster that a singles group is forming. From the initial email, players who want to play send their name, email, phone number, skill level, and whether they are willing to play the opposite sex or not. 

The facilitator is responsible for sending out a weekly email, matching the players by skill and returning the roster to the players who are participating, and reserving courts for the players.  The facilitator does not need to be present for matches 

How to Create Pickleball Programs

Creating a Singles Program 

Initial Email Structure

​Date and Time

​Games - 2 out of 3 games, win by 2 points

Switch Sides - Players switch points at 6 if a third game is played

Skill Levels - 2.5 - 4.5 men and women

​Scores are not recorded

Timeouts - players may take as many timeouts as needed

Sign-Up ~ Players who are playing will reply “yes” to the email if they are playing that week ( can be used for large numbers of players).

Set a Deadline for players to respond in the affirmative. All other players not playing will not respond.
No Assigned Courts ~ Players may choose their own court from the courts that have been reserved for singles match play.
Player Responsibility ~ Players will be given names of their opponents and their email, so if you must cancel, directly email your opponent. It is not the responsibility of the facilitator to find a substitute or to email an opponent.
Deadline Ends at Noon the Day Before Play ~ The facilitator will match players by skill level and send out information in this (second) email announcing match play by 8:00 P.M. that night. Some players may receive a bye.
Facilitator: Reserve Courts for the number of matches to be played. If there is a limited number of courts, players may be asked to play at separate hours on the same day.