My sister Cristie is a big smack talker. She’s funny. Always the life of the party; making people laugh wherever she goes. But she has the emotional depth of a gnat. I, on the other hand, am the deep one. I detest small talk and love discussing the real issues of life with people I’ve just met or those I’ve known since childhood. 

My sister, Cristie Sharpsteen, and I have always been close. We’re both athletic. I’m five years older so we’ve enjoyed sports separately most of our lives. Our teams just never lined up. We had some brief moments on the same coed softball team, as later stage adults, but mostly have led independent athletic lives. 

As we’ve aged, we found it harder and harder to find like-minded women who enjoyed our love of intense competition. We both felt we were just unusual people. 

Then, we found Pickleball! Our introduction from different sources started at about the same time a couple years ago. We both became immediate addicts. To our surprise and amazement, we discovered an entire community of like-minded women that we never knew existed. They’d been playing tennis their whole lives. She and I focused our efforts on softball, basketball, track and field, and volleyball. This new friend group of Pickleball Sisters are smart, trim, high endorphin, positive, competitive, athletic women, whom have inspired and encouraged us in ways we never imagined. 

My sister and I are in a season of life, where we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel. Both of us are taking advantage of this gift. I was so happy to meet Pickleball Sister founder, Christie Borne, in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas during a recent couple’s vacation with fellow Pickleballers’ Jay and Cara Terrell and Jeff and Sherri Albrecht. We hired Christie for private lessons and my game has never been better. Her 20+ years of coaching definitely showed and her one-on-one Pickleball instruction was so worth it. 

My sister, Cristie has more time to drill and play than I do so she’s been winning 4.0 mixed tournaments. I have a 3.5 women’s tournament notch, but am taking some time off to re-group. I’ve just had total knee replacement surgery on the left knee and preparing for the right knee in the next few weeks. I’m giving myself till March 2019 to return to the game I love. I’ve told my sister she better hang onto her bootstraps baby because I’m coming for her in 2020 and plan to overtake little sister, by skill and determination. She, of course, offers the smack talk right back. 

To earn a living, I help Inventors launch new products to market and would love to see some pickleball ideas or any other product invention we can license for money. Check  out my website and invent something no one would ever dream of!

Cristie is a successful real estate agent in the Kansas City area and offers relocation services to people anywhere in the United States. She is the sharpest agent around! If you’re in the Kansas City area please look us up. We love playing at the Chicken and Pickle, as well as community centers and arenas in our town.

See you on the courts,
Carrie Jeske

Carrie Jeske and Cristie Sharpsteen