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Pickleball Sweatspot Clinics


Hot Springs Village, AR

Beginners - Advanced Clinics Available!

Private Lesson: $40 per hour

Semi-Private: $20 per player/per hour

Group of 4: $15 per player/per hour

Group of 5-6: $20 per player/per 1 1/2 hours

If you do not live in Arkansas and would like Christie to come to your facility or you have any other questions about clinics, she'd love to talk with you!


“Valuable stroke analysis and strategy suggestions help me improve my game”     

-Barbara Ford, Holly Lake Ranch, TX


"Today is another chance to get better thanks to our coach Christie Borne" 

-Susan Gardner, Holly Lake Ranch, TX

"Christie is amazing. Thoughtful, motivating and an effective instructor.   After each session, I see results.  She continually helps me bring my game to a new level. "

-Jan Riddle, Robson Ranch, TX

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