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Where can I play? In a community facility, on a street, or in a barn?


Where do I find a player base?


How do I put on a captivating demonstration?


What tools do I need to support multiple activities?


What do I want to include in a Free Introductory Clinic?


What kind of mixers can I use to create interest?


"After many years of teaching tennis in the Texas heat, I began looking for a way to move my activities indoors.  One day while jogging on an overhead track above a large gym at the Cypress Creek YMCA, in Houston, Texas, I envisioned possibilities for the up-and-coming sport called PICKLEBALL that I had just heard about while teaching tennis in Colorado.  My knowledge and skills in tennis gave me the tools to implement a new grassroots pickleball program in the Houston area."


This book will help anyone who desires to build a successful pickleball program wherever it may be located.  It will also provide the tools needed to support the various planning activities throughout the year.

"One Court at a Time" by Christie Borne

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